Blu Mint Digital Named Top PPC Agency by Clutch

Sep 1, 2019
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We are committed to better online business management. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs at Blu Mint Digital offers digital marketing services to companies across the world. To get our clients’ companies recognised quickly, we offer an expansive repertoire of services including consulting and content writing. We provide value to our diverse clientele, ranging from entrepreneurs to enterprise companies. Recently, the success of our efforts was recognised.

Clutch’s research found Blu Mint Digital a top real estate PPC agency! Affirming the success of our efforts, we appreciate this recognition:

Being recognised with this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our team places at delivery services of real value to our varied portfolio of clients. Blu Mint Digital’s client-centric approach is paying dividends, not only for our customers but for our brand.”

Following an extensive research methodology, Clutch ranks agencies to support informed buying decisions. The Clutch team analyses a company’s market presence, portfolio, and verified client feedback to rank businesses. Client reviews are essential to the ranking as they best reflect the quality of a firm’s services and its ability to deliver. Contributing to this award, several satisfied clients spoke with the B2B ratings and reviews platform’s team.

We provided an excerpt below:

Blu Mint Digital Named Top PPC Agency by Clutch 1

Our ability to deliver has also been recognised on The Manifest. A sister site of Clutch, the platform features top companies to inform B2B buying decisions. Users can also access business news and how-to guides.

To further explore potential partnerships, potential buyers can explore another Clutch sister site. Visual Objects showcases the visual work of digital marketing industry leaders like Blu Mint Digital.

We appreciate our clients for taking the time to speak with Clutch. The feedback provided not only contributed to this award but also encourages our continuous improvement as a service provider.

Want digital marketing services that deliver? Blu Mint Digital is the team for you.