Long-term Growth
with Content Marketing

Content Marketing builds your brand’s identity in a way that’s personable and attractive to millions of internet users.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing takes time and resources to produce, but it’s extremely cost-effective when compared to other online tactics such as display or paid search advertising.

The Blu Mint team offers a variety of content marketing services including blogging, blog management, content channel management, SEO copy and podcasts.

Content Marketing Strategy

Behind every good piece of content is a strategy for how it got there. Having a great piece of content is only part of the puzzle, you also need a combination of outreach and social shares which results in backlinks, indicators and more traffic overall.

Our goal is to create a content strategy that helps to reach your business’s ultimate long-term goal.

Whether that is organic traffic, conversions, social media presence or anything else, our expert writers and content creators will put together a custom plan per your needs.


Our content team can help fulfill your blogging needs with singular custom pieces, or a full blog management strategy.

Our blog articles can range in length and depth anywhere from 500 words up to 2,500 + depending on the scope of the project.

Studies have consistently shown that longer, more in-depth and researched pieces will get the best results for both readers and search results.


Yes, a content marketing strategy can be an integral part of any SEO campaign. This includes researching, writing and creating content, normally in article form, then conducting outreach to make sure as many people can read and publications can “backlink” to that piece of content. The result is higher rankings, more traffic and increased leads.

Content marketing can help all businesses, large and small. The point of creating content and marketing it is to increase your business presence and brand online while driving potentially relevant traffic to your website.

It is crucial to track and improve on your online marketing no matter the channel. As content marketing has multiple goals you should focus on which are most important to you. If your goal is increased traffic you can track website visits, if it is leads you can track long-term lead generation. There are many options on how to accomplish this, but the important thing is that your team is aligned.

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