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Copywriting not only makes your brand stand out from your competitors but increases the conversion on your website.

Writing Powerful Copy

Powerful copywriting is about the visitor – copy crammed with references to ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ say one thing to the visitor, that this business is all about them and not me. Using words including ‘you’ or ‘your’ is directing the conversation from the perspective of the customer. Using power keywords will give your business an edge and describe how good your product or service is. Using ‘best’ or ‘top’ is not going to tell the reader anything.

Furthermore, a customer will be put off if the flow of the copy is not getting to the point or worse, has obvious grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. This not only smacks of unprofessionalism but makes it harder for the reader to actually read!

Successful Copywriting

Successful copywriting also considers the reader and buyer persona the product or service is aimed at – not assuming that the visitor has enough knowledge of the product. Too much technical jargon or industry niche terms are not going to engage somebody who has limited experience in that industry field.

Maybe the visitor is researching for someone in their senior management or technical teams; and if they cannot understand what is being read, they are less likely to recommend your business to someone who does know. There should be just enough terms to convey expertise without suffocating the reader.

Valuable Copywriting

Copywriting is not just about telling your visitors what you can do but about the value your products and services deliver. People are not reading your site but scanning it for words that will resonate with the solution to the problem they are searching for.

Businesses incorrectly assume that the visitor will fall in love with the business purely because the business owner loves the business. Successful copywriting is about addressing the potential barriers to a sale and explaining clearly what is on offer rather than boasting about how great the business is.


Yes, a content marketing strategy can be an integral part of any SEO campaign. This includes researching, writing and creating content, normally in article form, then conducting outreach to make sure as many people can read and publications can “backlink” to that piece of content. The result is higher rankings, more traffic and increased leads.

Content marketing can help all businesses, large and small. The point of creating content and marketing it is to increase your business presence and brand online while driving potentially relevant traffic to your website.

It is crucial to track and improve on your online marketing no matter the channel. As content marketing has multiple goals you should focus on which are most important to you. If your goal is increased traffic you can track website visits, if it is leads you can track long-term lead generation. There are many options on how to accomplish this, but the important thing is that your team is aligned.

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