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Email Marketing campaigns are a great way to obtain and nurture leads.

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Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate new leads and nurture existing ones. Without new leads entering your sales pipeline and existing customers staying engaged with your brand, your company would simply not be able to grow. Email marketing is more than just sending a mass message to the people on your contact list. It is a type of drip marketing technique and is best described as a direct marketing strategy that involves scheduling several promotional and educational messages with specific “call-to-actions” via email. It is definitely not just an “email blast” – email marketing is a campaign that spans over a period of time.

Email Marketing

A successful email marketing campaign is defined only by it’s conversion rates. One of the best ways to ensure conversion is to customer segment your group of contacts. The more you know about your contacts (or prospects) the better able you are to tailor emails that will be of interest to them. After all will your product or service be appropriate for women, men or both? What age groups are interested in your product? If you have several products or services will all your contacts be interested in all of them or just one? Factor in email subject titles, time of day and time of week, a successful campaign will ensure that have been tailored for their audience.



Email marketing is about relationship management between your business and your customers. Capturing email addresses from visitors to your site and adding them to your database, then nurturing them to a point of sale. Lead nurturing drips campaigns are great for those who have already shown some interest in your product and are some way down the sales funnel. Remind them about what your product and service can do and even offer freebies – white papers, e-books or discounts to get them to either make their first or another purchase.

Writing a sequence of emails is at the heart of attracting new customers.

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