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Employer Branding – Why And How You Should Build An Outstanding One

Nov 14, 2018
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I recently came across a job ad – a standard list of “who we are – who we are looking for – what we offer” and it looked fine enough for me to consider it for an application. Yet, when I opened the enclosed recruitment video of this very organisation, I abruptly realised “Wow, it is NOT AT ALL me or for me!”

Don’t get me wrong – it was by all means, professionally done, traditional and nice, but I personally don’t do traditional and – well – nice! I want to work in an environment that is innovative, edgy, unique, and heart pumping. For me, this employer had not learn’t the vitals of trying to attract top talent. A truly powerful way of convincing top talent to join a organisation is making a stellar video as part of their Employer Branding.

In this article, you’ll:

  • find out what Employer Branding is;

  • understand the importance of having a video recording as a powerful means of creating an Employer brand (especially in recruitment);

  • how to attract talent via an Employer branding video;

  • how to create a recruitment video that reflects your Employer brand and successfully attracts your target group; 

Employer Branding - Why And How You Should Build An Outstanding One

What is Employer Branding and why does it matter?

Simply put, it is a company’s reputation in a job market as an Employer that has a direct impact on both attracting and retaining talent. Employer branding demonstrates a company’s success: no great people, no great results, little success.

Thus, my recent experience is exactly why written Employer branding messages (especially in recruitment) no longer cut it: they can be boring, too typical, often confusing, and unintentionally misleading. For example a “fun environment” can be very subjective. Is your “fun” being able to come to work in jeans on Fridays or working in a pile of pillows whilst having a robot massaging your feet?

Probably not.

Employers then waste time attracting the wrong type of candidates, since they may end up getting the attention of anyone, including the people who are not really your people. Therefore – recording a video is a powerful statement enhancing your employer brand and along with recruitment, go hand in hand. By creating the closest possible first-hand experience what working in a certain organisation is really like, applicants get a real feel of what it likes to work in this organisation.

That’s why many companies are now turning to brand journalism over content marketing to push their brands in front of both customers and new talent.

As recruiters or company owners, the ultimate objective is getting you the right people for the right positions. These are why you should consider employer branding, but how do you do it successfully?

Offer a written message, or a video recording? 

Employer Branding - Why And How You Should Build An Outstanding One

“Talk” to your type of people

Target your audience in the way that speaks to them. A great sample is an employer branding video from Starbucks, which targets students and graduates looking to begin their careers – depicts the company as the place to do it – an organisation that is about learning and growth. The people in the video are the stars of the video, which the target demographic can relate to.

Make it all about your people and for your people

The best way to do it is by combining your organisation’s people and your shared values. This is what builds the company culture and helps to find the right fit whilst vetting out those who would, and probably could be happier somewhere else. Everyone wins.

Create an experience!

What do you want the person watching the video to feel, believe, know, and importantly do after seeing it? People subjectively perceive and experience emotions differently, but nevertheless a good video stimulates a reaction. Even if it is a realisation of “no, it is not for me”, this is precisely how you differentiate how you find the ones and avoid those better suited somewhere else. A great example of uniqueness is the recruitment video from a London fitness studio group named 1Rebel. Are you rebel enough to join them?

Show your true colours!

Be honest: don’t think of it as a flashy advertisement where people have to play the part and be the part. Remember, you are after your type of people, right? Therefore, be authentic, show the real environment, show real people – this is guaranteed to attract as well as get the people you are seeking.

Think out of the box

Don’t be scared of trying out a unique approach, however ensure that you are still preserving the real face of your company. Showing the office and getting your people to share their experiences – great, BUT everyone does this. Yet, show what makes you different, why do you stand out? What makes you YOU? Share YOUR story. Beer or no beer, Heineken has nailed it in this video! (Seriously, where shall I sign up?!)

Quality over quantity

Creating your recruitment video as part of your employer branding does not necessarily mean breaking a piggy bank, however in order to make a “face” you are proud of, see any related costs as an investment. Mobile phone video recordings are not professional and not a signal you want to send to potential candidates…

Get it out there – in all the right places!

Besides having it showcased on your company’s website, make sure it is reachable to where your target group hangs out: Millennials and Generation Z individuals will view content through social media platforms; Generation X and Baby Boomers will more likely prefer to view your video at a recruitment event.

Keep it short and focused!

So much to share, so little time! True, however, dragging out a clip to a full-sized movie full of “essential” details are bound to bore anyone out of their skulls. Keep it focused, concise, and concentrate on what REALLY matters (instead of all the basic details anyone can find on your website). Practice shows that a video should be no longer than 2 minutes in order to be compelling – plenty of time to say your WHY, WHAT, and HOW!

As long as the branding (recruitment) video is about showing the real face of your organisation, then it cannot fail in talking to-attracting-retaining your type of people. Candidates need to buy into your company culture, what type leadership is offered and will they fit in. So demonstrate your creativeness, have fun with your people, and get recording, dear employers!

Employer Branding - Why And How You Should Build An Outstanding One

Katri Delimoge is the founder of HCD Services OÜ, a CIPD qualified HR Professional (London, UK), internationally accredited coach, motivational speaker, author, blogger & facilitator.

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