Not necessarily, we can discuss with you what your needs are and then go from there. If we can do it, we’ll let you know!

Nothing is certain, we would never promise something we could not guarantee but we do our damn hardest to deliver results. What we guarantee is that the tasks you set us will be done professionally and effectively.

It’s impossible to say, unless your project is a one-off request (for example writing a blog article or ebook) we recommend you give it at least 3 months to see a change in your business marketing channels.

We are happy to write to clients and customers on your behalf, reply to queries, and even do data entry. We are here to support your business in whatever way you need.

Not at all! We work with any business size. We tend to find smaller to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs have more of a demand for our services.

Our contracts are 100% paid in advance. Depending on if you have an ad budget, this too would be charged in advance.

It depends on how many you want and what type of work. If you want 40 hours a month then we will allocate time to you. Maybe you need 15 hours one week and only 5 the next. Our monthly retainers tend to offer the best value. Writing projects are charged per piece.

Then we have the right to renegotiate the contract. The same for you, should you find that you are not using your allocated hours. (Although we find that rarely happens!).

Yes and no, the team work remotely and at times we may look to our network if we feel they could be better suited for the task concerned. We have our digital marketing specialists located in spots around Europe and North America.

Not if you don’t want to. We work with whatever resources you have available. If you wish to spend an ad budget we will advise you on where best to utilise it.

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