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Instagram Advertising is a powerful way for brands to sell their visually beautiful products.

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instagram advertising

Is your company or brand enthusiastic about getting into Instagram advertising? If you’re a part of the more than two million advertisers already using Instagram, are you spending too much on campaigns? Alternatively, do you have the most cost-efficient targeting possible?

Whether Instagram ads has been a success or failure, too expensive or merely too complicated to try, there are still many brands and advertisers who are determined to learn more on this picture based social media platform.

Instagram advertising, then, is still relatively new to brands who currently work with paid social media ads, and they often misunderstand the costs associated with Instagram.

instagram advertising

Costs of Instagram Advertising

The costs associated with Instagram ads vary on the mobile devices that you target, people demographics, time and day of the week and whether or not your ad is shown during a major televised event, like the SuperBowl. More so than Facebook Advertising, it is critical that brands learn why is it essential to determine their Instagram demographics.

Women are far more active on Instagram than men, resulting; therefore, in higher cost-per-click (CPC) should companies and brands wish to target women-specific audiences. However, age demographics are quite a different picture overall.

The majority of Instagram users tend to be aged under 50; however, unlike gender, CPC is not as drastically different. Naturally, CPC projections fluctuate depending on when the campaign is running. For example, Instagram ad costs spike during major events or holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Labor Day and Cyber Monday.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising is only one part of your Instagram Marketing

Instagram ads are part of the Facebook platform, so if you wish to do this alone, you will need to get acquainted with Facebook Advertising as well.

Plus, it is still wise to adopt a hybrid social media marketing strategy.

Whilst your Instagram ads are running, it is still best to post organically on Instagram taking advantage of hashtags relevant to your brand. Building up your brand’s profile builds content, and a community whilst your Instagram advertising strategy is a robust way of reaching your target audiences.

Although paid social media ads encourage conversions, organic activity can help drive relationships and familiarity with your brand.




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