LinkedIn Ads Services

If you are a B2B brand or company, LinkedIn Advertising is the way to go.

Who Should Use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Advertising is a vital platform to B2B marketing, yet many digital marketers find their ad platform both expensive and hard to make traction.

LinkedIn has over 600 million professionals on its network, all looking to uncover new career opportunities or network with others in their industry. LinkedIn is also a hub of activity for brands and companies searching to build authority, land talent and conduct initial B2B negotiations.

LinkedIn Ads Vs Facebook Ads

After all, advertising on LinkedIn is a different kettle of fish from the likes of Facebook. LinkedIn offers marketers a plethora of options to put themselves out there, each with its unique tactics.

One notable point about LinkedIn Advertising is that it is much more expensive CPC than Facebook or Twitter due to the nature of B2B deal sizes.

How To Get Started With LinkedIn Marketing

First thing’s first: before considering LinkedIn Advertising, it is in your best interest to produce a Company page. Building a Company page on LinkedIn is a way of creating trust in your brand as a reputable company, and to amass new followers and a way to get your content shared.

It does not matter if you a one-person team or a large enterprise – company pages are vital before you begin to advertise on LinkedIn.

Blu Mint offers a service to fully set up and optimize your company page before getting started.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn promotes cost-effectiveness through its self-service ad platform, with a minimum budget as little as $10 a day. However, in our experience, the average CPC is a few dollars at least, meaning you will not get many clicks for this budget.

However, on the plus side, you can target highly niche audiences by segmenting your ads by company, job function, job title, skills seniority, school, gender, age and much more.

LinkedIn offers plenty for B2B companies to work with through their highly-functioning ad platform – from promoting your company, its content or its products. Additionally, LinkedIn provides brands with powerful analytics and conversion tracking to ensure that digital marketers and advertisers are maximising their ad budgets.


Our minimum budgets normally start at $1,000 per month for PPC services

We use one or a combination of Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more.

PPC stand for Pay-per-click. Meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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