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Can’t stay focused or productive at work?

Oct 16, 2019
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Up at 7, earlier if you have kids to send off to school, or you enjoy a morning workout at the gym, and then off to work by 9. Once you enter those work doors, you’ve just silently signed an 8-hour agreement to stay productive, concentrated and focused. This can be a challenge by itself on top of everything else you have to do. 

How do you maximise productivity?

Though, let’s be honest, after about an hour you’ve already succumbed to checking the latest celebrity tweet, a story on Reddit, Instagram on Pinterest, or argument on Facebook. It is a struggle to put forth complete constructiveness and concentration. Thus, here are six ways to produce the most productivity in your workday.

1# Music

One of the biggest distractions whilst working and certainly hindering someone trying to maximise productivity are those unnecessary sounds around you, be it, that colleague in the cubicle next to you munching on his potato chips, the clicking of a pen, phone conversations, chit chat between colleagues, or the sound of an air conditioner. 

A great way to block out those sounds is to listen to some music, whether it be through headphones or a small desk radio. Though you are free to listen to anything, it has been scientifically proven that something light and without words is less distracting and produces a better production result.

2# Take Breaks

Take a break. Yes, you heard that right. Our brains can only handle so much material before we are just receiving information and not processing it. So, after you finish a task, reward yourself and take a 5-minute break, whether it be browsing the internet, making a grocery list, or if accessible, go outside. 

However, don’t abuse the breaks to the point you are breaking more than working.

3# Prioritise

Many people in the workplace become overwhelmed with their workload. You are most successful if you conduct a task list and check things off as their completed. It is an obvious way to note your progress. Prioritise your work into a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. 

If you walk into work with a bunch of assignments with no deadlines, you end up spending more time worrying and being frantic than completing them. So, set aside some time and categorise your projects, it will benefit you in the long run.

4# Clean workspace

Eliminating clutter is huge when trying to maximise productivity. Cleaning up those papers from last month’s meeting and filing them away is one less thing you are tempted to “read” and rummage through while sitting at your desk. Also, if you are someone that decorates their workspace, keep it minimal and not too overwhelming with excessive knickknacks.

5# Unplug

In this day in age, almost everything is done through the internet. Colleagues are communicating through instant messaging, emailing back and forth with a client, researching data for reports, and more. However, if you’re working on an excel spreadsheet or some other type of project that doesn’t require the internet, disconnect, so you are not tempted to login into Facebook or watch cute cat videos on YouTube. 

Though, if you need the internet, look into settings that can block out websites that you do not need throughout the workday. Phones are another colossal disruption in the workplace. If it is not necessary for your work, silence it, turn it off or put it on aeroplane mode and throw it in a drawer.

6# Eat snacks

Certain foods can boost your energy. That does not mean eating a five-course meal. Not only does that takes up much time, but it also makes you lethargic, causing you to lose your productivity, which is the opposite of what we are trying to do here. So, if you are at a point where you just feel like you cannot proceed, take a break and eat a small, energy-filled snack. 

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