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Top 10 Tools to Automate Your Business’ Social Media

Aug 1, 2016
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Top 10 Tools to Automate Your Business’ Social Media Activity

Top 10 Tools to Automate Your Business' Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to broaden your business’ reach, get new traffic and generate new leads, but how to keep it up and make sure that you post to every network including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn? This is where Social Media management tools can aid you.

Social Media management tools are key essentials because they make it easy to schedule posts and communicate with followers. It not only helps social media marketers to plan ahead but also saves time enabling them to complete more tasks. However, choosing the right tool might be not as easy as it seems, depending on your needs and preferences.

Below is a useful infographics from ZA Social Media and quick overview about the 10 most effective social media automation tools for your business:


1# Social Oomph allows to create multiple variations of the tweet and has the ability to auto-follow your followers.

2# checks sources on specific times and dates and delivers content. When a new post is created will automatically send out your updates.

3# IFTT allows you to automate a broad range of activities. It is a powerful tool that can save you a lot of time managing social media.

4# Zapier connects the web apps and lets you create individual automated tasks called Zaps. For example, one Zap could monitor YouTube and automatically generate a tweet when it discovers a new suitable video.

5# Buffer is one of the simplest and most popular scheduling tools. It creates a virtual queue of your scheduled posts and tweets to all chosen channels throughout the week.

6# Twitterfeed allows you to feed your content with RSS feeds and it also tracks the performance through real-time stats.

7# Hootsuite is another popular social media management tool that empowers you to execute campaigns across multiple channels and measure campaigns results.

8# Bundlepost is a great tool for those businesses that need to share a lot of the same content.

9# Tweetbeep keeps a track of everything related to you. It is a twitter alert system which works via Email.

10# Postplanner is a Facebook Page Management tool which helps automate the sharing of content to your Facebook Page and it has tons of helpful features.


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