Twitter Advertising; why you should not forget it

Often ignored and an unknown platform to many, Twitter Advertising is an affordable way to reach new buyers and followers.

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twitter advertising

Invariably, squeezing the most out of your social presence will mean running the occasional paid social ads campaign. Moreover, as brands continue to step up their social ad spend, Twitter is no exception.

twitter advertising

Whilst we continuously hear about the dominance of Facebook ads and the popularity of paid campaigns running on Instagram, brands shouldn’t disregard the power of Twitter advertising.

Twitter ads represent a different ball game compared to Facebook or Instagram. Interestingly, engagement rates for Twitter campaign increased by 151% from last year with the platform associating this rise to the popularity of Twitter video ads.

Why should marketers be concerned with Twitter advertising in the first place?

Sure, brands have plenty of options when considering running paid social ads campaigns. However, here’s what sets Twitter advertising apart:

The beauty of Twitter ads is that they are typically not so assertive as other platforms are, that can seem irritating and annoying. Twitter ads are more scrollable and feel more naturally integrated into Twitter follower feeds, increasing awareness for your brand simultaneously. Twitter themselves state that 41% of users purchase a product after viewing an ad within 30 days.

Twitter Advertising

Like Facebook ads, Twitter’s ad platform enables you to select and choose precisely whom you desire to target and how much you wish to spend, thus wasting fewer ad dollars.

It has become so evidently lately that social media video ads represent the core of Twitter advertising. From in-stream ads to sponsored content, brands have a plethora of freedom in customising their ads as they please. Twitter claims that video ads are twice more memorable to users compared to advertisements on competing social platforms.

With social media marketing now dominated by paid campaigns, Twitter represents a key solution for brands to raise awareness. With an importance on highly visual content, Twitter advertising is ideal for grabbing the attention of new buyers and followers alike.



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