Nordic Digital Marketing specialists that grow businesses arrive in Sweden

Apr 10, 2019
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Blu Mint Digital has opened a Nordic office in Uppsala, Sweden! Our highly rated digital marketing specialists will offer our digital marketing services to new customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

But why the Nordics?

Well, a couple of reasons!

Blu Mint Digital is a digital marketing company in Estonia, USA and UK. However, with our international team and work we began to accumulate clients from around the world including Sweden, Norway and Finland. It makes perfect sense then to have an office located in the heart of the Nordics.

Blu Mint Digital

Plus, Estonia has long expanded its digital service sector to the Nordics. Blu Mint Digital is no different, offering competitive service pricing without a drop in standards.

David, Blu Mint’s CEO says:

“Our Sweden office represents a new phase in the journey of Blu Mint Digital. Both Andrew and I are thrilled that our expansion plans are being fulfilled in a region known for its business acumen and global outlook.”

It’s great to offer our highly sought after services to new markets.”

About David Bailey-Lauring

Nordic Digital Marketing specialists that grow businesses arrive in Sweden 1

David, our Chief Executive Officer and a British national, handles all our commercial interests in the UK and Europe and you can contact him via or via our webform. David has extensive experience as digital marketer and content writer, is a board member of a European chamber of commerce and resides between our HQ in Estonia, the UK and France.

So tell him what SEO, Pay-Per-Click, content marketing and social media management or nordic digital marketing solutions you need to advance your businesses by contacting us at:

Address: Botvidsgatan 39, 753 27 Uppsala, Sweden

Should you need any further convincing, then check out our reviews as a top nordic digital marketing agency at Clutch’s ratings and reviews.

We are excited, and hope you are too!

Andrew and the team at Blu Mint Digital