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The team analyses your current efforts and aid you in preparing an effective marketing strategy.


The team will empower you to implement your strategy by aligning your marketing channels.


The team will aid your business to grow, whether lead generation, brand awareness or customer retention.

David is naturally approachable with a no-nonsense attitude. Frankly, we had little difficulty in working together and his and his team's support has been most appreciated.

Tom Kiss

Designation : Owner, Electric Brighton
Soren Hejnfelt

I worked with David directly for about a year in Cloutex and saw him grow from content creator to managing all social media channels, support emails, content creation, direct sales projects, reseller channel projects, advertising projects and more at the same time! He became our primary marketing, community, sales and support manager due to his natural skill and personal ambition to grow.

Søren Hejnfelt

Designation : CEO, Cloutex

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like David. Somebody who not only has the ability to deliver but shows a deep passion for your business.

Anna-Greta Tsahkna

Designation : CCO, Timbeter

David is an experienced digital marketer with superb knowledge on SEO, content and social media marketing. His ability to devise a marketing strategy together lead to the increase of leads that converted to sales.

Jürgen Neeme

Designation : Head of Sales & Marketing, Opus Online
Karola Karlson

Having a natural talent for engaging the audience, he will build the bridge between any company and its potential customers. That's why he's a perfect fit for small companies who are looking to get started with digital marketing.

Karola Karlson

Designation : Founder, Aggregate Blog







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