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8 Ways To Make a Perfect Display Advertising Banner

Jul 18, 2016
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8 Ways To Make a Perfect Display Advertising Banner AD

Making a perfect display advertising banner is making your ad stand out and increase its reach by resonating with consumers by sending them an creative yet engaging message.

Have you ever thought why your campaign may have not been as successful as you initially planned? Have you ever considered why people don’t click on it?

Below are a few key points to consider when making your perfect banner ad:

Be interactive – it can improve your brand awareness by even 63%;

• Use banner space wisely – do not put too much information otherwise the viewer will get irritated and will close it  without exploring further;

• Compelling images – choose pictures that are not boring, fake or casual;

• Send a creative message, that would make the consumer think, answer or agree instead of reading a bald statement;

• Use unique call to action option instead of basic click, simple example might be a “fortune wheel” rich media banner,  that spins when hovering your mouse over.

• Use design appropriate to your targeted audience;

• Use strong words that will intrigue and grab viewers attention;

• Do not be afraid of little humour – it makes your ad more memorable.

Below you can find a useful infographic posted by BuySellAds with a few examples of what you should and should not do in order to make a perfect display banner advertisement:

Perfect Display Advertising Banner - Blu Mint Digital

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