Write for us: Blu Mint Digital guest posting guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing on the Blu Mint Digital Blog!


We’re looking for fresh perspectives from the sharpest minds in content writing to provide our audience with actionable, in-depth content that helps them better plan, organise and promote their work whether in business, leadership or digital marketing.

Blog posts from our partners, friends and colleagues also challenge us to look at our industry and the way we approach our work.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when submitting an idea for Blu Mint Digital’s blog. Please read the entire document before contacting us.

Read these blog guidelines first!

We get a lot of pitches. Most don’t get accepted. Here are some tips to stay out of our trash folder:


  • Aim for a 1,500-2,000 words post (we like going in-depth, but also writing concisely). Anything less than 1,500 words will be rejected. We don’t write short Buzzfeed-style rubbish.


  • We write in British English only – if we see American, Canadian or Australian English your article will be automatically rejected. If you cannot write in British English we can format it for you for an additional fee.
    • We don’t want “analyze, optimize, program, while, sweater, pants or use of the word period
    • We want “analyse, optimise, programme, whilst, jumper, trousers [full stop]


  • We don’t use the Oxford Comma, so don’t use it either or your post will be rejected.


  • Your post should be a well-written original content free of grammatical errors. If we detect plagiarism, you will automatically be rejected – it’s illegal, don’t do it!


  • The article should be helpful and informative. Feel free to have a sense of humour in the article, as long as it’s respectful. Any hate speech or language marginalising a certain demographic will be automatically rejected.


  • Self-promotional content won’t be accepted. You can, however, insert one do-follow link to your website in your author bio.


  • You can use your own company as an example/use case once within the text IF it brings value to the reader. Only one use is permitted, if more are found, they will be rejected outright.


  • You must internal link to at least one of our own blog posts on our website (again, it must be relevant to your post).


  • No affiliate links. If we find an affiliate link in your post, we will not publish your blog post.


  • No external links to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, pornography, cryptocurrency, payday loan website or any other “shady” business practice. If we don’t like the link, the copy and link will be removed. No exceptions.


  • If we see an obvious attempt to location anchor text your post will be removed and binned.
    • Example: when the words UK digital marketing agency are hyperlinked, or Arizona real estate lawyers


  • Use recent and sourced examples to illustrate all the points you make. In the era of fake news, we need to source and back up everything with facts and data. If you make a statement, ensure you can back it up with facts and statistics. DO NOT use Wikipedia.


  • Cite or reference any quotes, data, images or third party content used. If it is not your content, then reference it. No plagiarism will be tolerated.


  • Illustrate each example with screenshots, videos and social media posts. Do not use stock images.


  • No pop culture tie-ins. Again, we’re not Buzzfeed.
    • Example: What Can [INSERT CELEBRITY] Teach You About [INSERT MARKETING TACTIC]


  • No clickbait. We loathe clickbaity titles. Your post had better follow through on the promises your headline makes.


  • Lists (or so-called listicles) are fine as long as they’re actionable and in-depth. We expect that you’ll show readers how to perform each tip (or at least link out to other pages or resources that provide that information).
    • We don’t want “300 ways to create an Ad on Facebook…”


  • Title: Only the first word in the title should be capitalised. The title should be H1


  • Subheadings: Only capitalise the first word in each subheading. Subheads should begin with H2 and below.


  • Bold any noteworthy points.


  • Put punctuation inside quotes. “This is how you would punctuate a quote.”


  • We use just one space between sentences.


  • Capitalise the first word of a bullet point.


  • Use subheadings, lists, images and short paragraphs to break up chunks of text. Make your post highly readable.


  • Conclusion: Title your conclusion however you like, provided it neatly wraps up the post and recaps all points made in the body of the post.


  • Your post should not be published elsewhere. We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers. Once written, you are not permitted to republish it on your own blog. If we find that you do, your post will be taken down.


  • Send us a picture, your personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (no company profiles) but we are happy to only link to your company homepage.

Okay, you have read this far, so if you have what it takes to do the above then email us on hello[@]blumint.co with your pitch for a guest post and we’ll assess it and reply to you asap.

The process…

  1. Pitch your unwritten idea to us at the email address above
  2. Our content team will assess your pitch and decide whether to accept your proposal
  3. If accepted, an invoice will be sent to you for full payment of the processing fee (£195 + VAT) to be paid within 3 days. No payment, we ditch your idea
  4. Once payment has been received, please write your post as per the guidelines above
  5. Send your post to us for internal review and final edit. If it met our guidelines it will be sent for publishing. If it does not, you will have one revision to correct, otherwise, it will be binned and no refunds are given.
  6. Post published within 7 days of editorial approval by our content team
  7. The post is shared with our network and you are free to share amongst yours.

We’re looking forward to your pitch!

David, CEO

david bailey

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