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Our Business Podcast Production is tailored to your brand and is the perfect way to reach a new audience.

Blu Mint Specialise In:
Creating podcast strategy Business Podcast Production
Pre and post-production
Onsite recording (only available in Estonia)

Whether you wish to generate a branded podcast as a marketing tool for your business or to build a loyal following of listeners, Blu Mint Digital’s team will turn your concept into an engaging, professional podcast with top-quality production value as part of your content marketing efforts. Our Business Podcast Production is available separately, or we can create a custom package for your podcast – whatever you require.

Research has highlighted that nearly 51% of the US population have listened to a podcast, with three-quarters of them listening whilst at home or driving. Meaning that this is a huge audience that are intently listening to your brand whilst not distracted.

A powerful marketing tool.

Business Podcast Production

Business podcast production services include:

  • Coaching & Consultation
  • Equipment Setup
  • Onsite Recording (Estonia only)
  • Audio Editing
  • Clean-up & Enhancement
  • Branded Podcast Development
  • Publishing

All of our services are available independently or as part of a tailor-made package to fit the needs of your podcast show. Production can be created on an episode by episode or as part of a recurring monthly plan.

The podcast production will involve:

  • Production Consultation – to support your business in obtaining the optimal audio at the source and adequately handle the recording process.
  • Equipment recommendations and setup support
  • On-Site recording for podcasts based in Estonia
  • Remote recording
  • Audio editing
  • Removing mistakes
  • Removing excessive uses of “umm”, “like” and so on
  • Shortening of gaps in speech
  • Cleanup of instances where multiple people speak over each other
  • Content editing to reach desired episode lengths
  • Adding Intro and Outro sequences if necessary
  • Audio enhancement
  • Background noise removal
  • Publishing episodes

Business Podcast Production

The team will begin by focusing on your show’s concept and how it will expertly communicate your message to your audience. Our Podcast Experts will consult with you over phone or video conference fleshing out the creative aspects of how your show will sound, identifying best ways to grow your audience and crafting out the best format, length and individualised approach to make your presentation stand out amongst the competition.

Blu Mint Digital will be the architects of your audio brand, producing an audio version that recreates your visual identity. Our aim is to align your podcast with your brand with a process that is affordable and time-efficient, and resulting in giving you a podcast that will hold its own beside the industry’s top-performing podcasts.

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