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Feature Writing is about producing well-researched, topic articles that only engage your audience, they demonstrate expertise, trust and authority.

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feature writing

Articles and features for your existing portal or blog

If you already have your own blog or content portal and want to take it in a more authentic direction, we can help. Initially we’ll discuss your clients and their needs, who they are and what they love. We’ll then put together a tailored editorial plan and provide you with as many solid journalistic pieces as you require.

Feature Writing

We can also provide one-off articles or projects, although we’d always advise to view this as a long-term strategy to achieve the very best results.

News portals for brands

Owning a successful news and features portal is a very powerful and effective tool for a brand, helping to guide the engaged target demographic towards their product or service.

Blu Mint Digital has a team of journalists, marketing specialists, SEO/SMM specialists and audio/video production professionals at your disposal. We can build a news-style portal for your brand, service it and help you grow it through social media; eventually helping you hire your own team of brand journalists to either take over the operation or work alongside us long-term.

Feature Writing

Placement onto our partner’s media channels

We are currently working with Irish Tech News, a portal with 600,000+ monthly views, 160,000+ monthly unique visitors, over 530,000 relevant followers on Twitter across their various accounts. ITN was recently described as Ireland’s leading online tech news site, as well as being ‘Ireland’s answer to TechCrunch’. If you are a tech company or startup, this is definitely one place you want your feature writing on. The team can offer a one-off or mini series of pieces published here.

Our team also have links with journalists at The Guardian, New York Times, The Sun in the UK and Sky News, along with contacts at more specialist publications such as CoFounder magazine, EGR Gaming magazine and Press Association UK.


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