Blu Mint Digital Launches Partnership With Rang Media House

Oct 25, 2016
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Rang Media House - Adam Rang

Blu Mint Digital has partnered with Adam Rang and his team at Rang Media House so we can produce better rich and premium content for our clients.

Content marketing has always been a key component of Blu Mint Digital’s services, but the increased demand for quality content means a bigger team is required to create and distribute it.

This partnership will not only enable us to offer more content, but also ensure it is fully integrated with other digital marketing services we provide, including SEO, social media marketing and pay per click advertising.

Content marketing is rising in popularity as companies shift their marketing budgets away from traditional media and focus on producing their own content to engage stakeholders. However, industry analysts warn that there is a widening quality gap as only a small percentage of content is made to a high enough quality and distributed effectively to support client objectives.

Rang Media HouseRang Media House has built a strong reputation over the past year by supporting digital service providers
in the UK and Estonia, including TransferWise and Toggl. Their recent work includes a viral youtube video in London called
The Client From Hell, which has helped Toggl reach designers around the world and communicate the need for time tracking.

David Bailey, Founder of Blu Mint Digital, says this partnership is great news for clients:

“High quality content takes time and resources to produce, yet it’s also extremely cost effective for getting businesses noticed online. It can be challenging finding writers and qualified content producers. In Rang Media House we found a team that not only matches our expectations but is now successfully integrated with Blu Mint Digital and providing valuable content for us.”

Both Blu Mint Digital and Rang Media House are based in Tallinn, but provide English language marketing for international audiences. Both companies have a strong connection to the UK and are members of the British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

Adam Rang originally worked as a newspaper reporter in South Africa before moving to London to work in public relations for clients including Heathrow airport, General Motors and BAE Systems.

Rang Media House - Adam RangRang then spent four years working directly for BAE Systems where he was responsible for the British warship industry’s external communications. This included external communications for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a consortium that includes the UK Ministry of Defence and companies delivering the UK’s new flagship Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

During his time there, Rang was fascinated by how Red Bull Media House was pioneering content marketing and decided to utilise their tactics for his key objective of championing British engineering and inspiring younger people into science, technology and engineering.

This included using GoPro cameras to reveal how a warship is constructed, turning engineering milestones into stunning time-lapse videos and opening up about challenges behind the programme.

Rang then established Rang Media House at the start of 2016 to provide articles, videos and other forms of content, explaining that “there are more interesting companies than Red Bull so we wanted to provide a media house for them too”.

Rang says he’s very excited to start working with Blu Mint Digital:

“I’m really impressed by Blu Mint Digital’s work across a full range of digital marketing services. This partnership enables our content to be integrated into other marketing disciplines and delivered by a single team led by Blu Mint Digital. That’s great for companies that want to make a big impact online.”

I am thrilled that we have managed to partner with and utilise their precocious talents and on behalf of everyone at Blu Mint, I’m delighted to welcome them aboard!

You can read more about our content marketing services or speak to the team for a free consultation.

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