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Conversion rate optimisation is more about psychology than technology. Whilst is may sound a bit cynical, people using the internet rarely stumble across a website without actively searching for something. If you have what people are looking for, it’s your job to help them find it. The problem is most websites are so ill conceived and poorly constructed that they’re often too representative of what their owners want them to read, rather than what the visitor is looking to read.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is ensuring that your website is ready for that such visitor. People do not read on the internet, they scan. People read headlines, images and bullet points. Depending on the personality type of your visitor, you have between two and either seconds to convince them to stay on your website. Searchers click in, take a quick peak, and click out. This is the reality of business that is conducted on the internet.



Your landing pages are where visitors arrive after clicking on an email link, a search engine results, a banner ad, a PPC ad, or following an offline advertisement like a newspaper, billboard, or TV/radio broadcast. Conversion rate optimisation is the objective to convert the presumably interested consumer into an actual customer by influencing them to take a specific action. That action might be downloading a white-paper in exchange for contact information, to influence them to spread the word virally, to have them pick up the telephone and contact you or the ultimate objective – to make an online purchase.

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