How Edtech companies are powering online tutoring jobs

Nov 17, 2019
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Edtech companies have been disrupting the complex and diverse world of education, changing the way students and their tutors interact in the process.

First embraced by schools, colleges, and universities, Edtech, short for education technology, has moved from in-classroom tools to out-of-school online learning. Perhaps as a testament that learning and self-development don’t stop on graduation day.

Read how Edtech companies are making it easier and more efficient for students to learn new skills, both academic and for business.

Post summary:

  • Rise of the fourth industrial revolution
  • How the education industry embraced technology
  • Birth of Edtech and Edtech companies
  • Why Edtech is powering a new sector — online tutoring

What is the fourth industrial revolution?

The fourth revolution is a new milestone in which disruptive technologies and trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), is being developed and changing the way we live and work. Simply put, it is the ongoing digitalization of society.

As a result, our entire society and way of life are impacted. People are dependent on technology (and new tech startups) for their daily needs more than ever.

The education sector is no different and is currently undergoing tremendous changes.

How Edtech companies are powering online tutoring jobs 1
Blackboard chalk is much better used drawing on pavements.

For example, if you want to learn a language, you can download a language learning app and get started in minutes. A quick ‘Google’ will reveal a plethora of online courses like Udemy that are offering programs on how to learn business skills like web coding or digital marketing.

The innovative technology has come from several companies, ranging from billion-dollar tech unicorns to smaller startups founded by school teachers and online tutors.

What unites startups and enterprises alike, is their shared vision that education, one of the sectors most resistant to change, can benefit from the advances in technology.

Edtech companies then are writing the future of education.

Education industry finally embracing technology

Whether for childhood education, study tools, language learning, course materials or online learning, there is a massive market for those who are leveraging technology for educational purposes.

Yet it has mostly stayed the same for years, lingering behind the needs of today’s companies. Businesses struggle to find qualified talent, and 7.6 million jobs go unfilled in the U.S. alone.

Similarly, high school seniors are not ready, and up to 52% taking remedial classes to catch up; on top of increasingly costly tuition.

With traditional education methods failing to produce the right business and academic talent of the future, Edtech companies are stepping in and filling this gap hence why they have attracted over $1.45 billion in new funding in 2018.

These EdTech companies are filling the widening skills gap, transforming teaching and learning, and increasing students’ chances of success.

What Is Edtech?

Edtech is the adoption of IT tools into the classroom to create a more inclusive, engaging, and individualized learning experience.

From MOOCs (massive open online courses), online education-to-career planning, personalized learning, teacher-rated open education resources to micro-credentials and beyond, EdTech startups are emerging in virtually every sector of the $4 trillion global education market.

Today’s teaching has moved away from the clunky desktop computer rooms that were once the norm. Now it is not uncommon to witness tech-infused teaching with tablets, laptops, and interactive online courses, both during and after school hours.

Scalable individualized learning has played a pivotal role in Edtech’s ascendance, and not only for schools but for businesses too.

The way we learn is not a one-size-fits-all situation. How we interact with fellow students and tutors, and our overall enthusiasm for the same subjects is different per student.

Everyone learns differently, at their own pace and in their own way.

Edtech tools make it easier for tutors to create individualized lesson plans. A more personalized learning experience fosters a sense of inclusivity. It boosts the learning capabilities of students, no matter their age or learning abilities or learning goals.

How Edtech companies are powering online tutoring jobs 2
Technology usage in tutoring brings a new wave of enthusiasm to learning.

And it looks like technology within teaching is here to stay — 92% of tutors believe tech is going to have a significant impact on the way they educate.

Edtech companies are bringing increased communication, collaboration, and overall quality of learning to students from all backgrounds — from the Ivy League to the most deprived neighborhoods.

The only requirement — a genuine enthusiasm to learn and succeed and finding the right tutor.

Why Edtech is powering online tutoring jobs

Technology has opened up new avenues of learning for students of all backgrounds and ages.

With many students falling behind in the modern classroom, or wish to get a head start in the work and business environment, there is a high demand for tutors.

Finding the time for personalized tutoring sessions in a busy schedule can be next to impossible in today’s busy world.

This forces students to decide between their studies and other tasks that they need to accomplish daily. With Edtech advancements in online tutoring, students won’t have to decide anymore.

Students urgently need flexible and affordable tutoring solutions in all subject areas.

Sessions need to be run by someone experienced and professional in a given field, such as a certified tutor or someone with a passion for imparting knowledge.

The need for more online tutors has arrived — in a variety of subjects and hobbies.

Scheduling is another significant area where students are very selective. Attending a traditional institution or night school is not possible for some children or those adults wishing to learn a new skill.

Edtech is helping students schedule tutoring sessions that suit them. Alternatively, lessons can be scheduled further into the future at a more convenient time. For example, a student might need immediate help for an upcoming homework assignment or a major project that is due the following day.

Students are turning to Edtech companies, who are, in turn, searching for the right tutors to meet this insatiable demand.

How can Edtech companies meet these needs?

Edtech companies can offer affordable and flexible tutoring programs with multiple scheduling availability options.

The tutoring offered through Edtech online tutoring platforms is teaching certifications, qualified individuals who hold degrees, and other criteria that demonstrably highlight their proficiency in a given hobby, skill, or subject.

How Edtech companies are powering online tutoring jobs 3
Certified teachers are leaving classrooms for more lucrative online tutoring business.

Most students and their parents will require viewing these credentials before agreeing to work with a given tutor. Edtech companies check and vet online tutors before deciding to add them to their platforms, reassuring parents and potential students.

Not only do Edtech companies offer immediate and scheduled sessions, but they also provide multiple communication options. This could be Google HangoutsSkypeFaceTime, or even WhatsApp.

Several students prefer to chat with their tutors using a messaging service, while others prefer being on face-to-face video calls.

Online tutors earn more per hour through online tutoring platforms than through their traditional working roles, making becoming an online tutor much more profitable.

Having a secure business dashboard within an Edtech company is one trustworthy solution for tutors to earn more income, meaning there are more and more tutors signing up to satisfy the increase in online tutoring.

Final thoughts

The education sector is currently undergoing a clear generational shift. As Baby Boomers retire and Millenials graduate, the first waves of Generation Z learners — exposed to technology and a desire to radically change our way of interacting in our highly globalized society, are beginning to learn.

Generation Z is growing up around tech and will expect to see it daily, including their places of learning.

One excellent facet about technology is that it breaks down geographical barriers. In the world of education, Edtech has enabled educational establishments and tutors to provide distance learning to reach students from around the globe.

Edtech companies are not merely filling a gap with a highly lucrative business model; they are building a future foundation for how today’s (and tomorrow’s) generations need to learn.

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