Bing Ads, the forgotten platform

Bing Ads, or now Microsoft Advertising, is often neglected as a digital marketing channel.

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Bing Ads

What are Bing Ads?

Each day, millions of us type keywords into Bing, searching for services products and solutions. Because of this, search advertising was created where advertisers can produce ads and bid on those search terms, called keywords.

At the top of the search results, are the ‘Ads’ section – where advertises display their ads, with the aim of customers to buy a product, request a service, download an app, visit a website, subscribe for additional information or call a brick and mortar store.

Advertisers can accomplish this by placing their ad appear at the top of the search results page, in these ‘Ads’ sections.


Bing Ads

Why Bing Ads?

Most SMBs view Bing Ads as an afterthought; however, they should reconsider its priority. Bing Ads uses a similar auction platform like Google Ads, so advertisers on Bing have copious benefits from a lack of competition, like better ad positions and cheaper costs per click (CPC).

Compared to Google, Bing is averaging 33.5% cheaper on CPCs. Not only were these clicks less expensive on Bing, but their ads very often were in better positions than their Google counterparts and had higher CTR’s.

Microsoft Advertising targeting options

With the Bing Network (now being known as Microsoft Advertising), businesses can reach an audience of 167 million unique users, who spend 26% more online than your average internet searcher. Thus, Bing Ads is a powerful marketing tool to connect with these high-quality internet customers.

To place your ads in front of your ideal target demographic, you will need to construct campaigns that utilise these flexible targeting features:

Keywords: Bidding on keywords and adjusting them based on low or peak traffic volumes.

Location: Businesses can show a store address in their search ads and specify a radius within a city or even U.S.A ZIP codes.

Language: You can set the language you want in your campaign to match the language of the end-users’ web browser settings.

Scheduling: You can pinpoint ad schedules to 15-minute increments throughout a day. Businesses can adjust their campaign settings to serve their ads during specific days of the week or hours of the day; for example when searchers are online in their local timezone or when a local store is open for business.

Device type: Customers can view your ads on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Audience targeting: You can target and connect with customer demographics (gender, location and age).

Shopping: Shopping ads will display a product image and price in the search results instead of a traditional text ad.

Bing Ads and the Microsoft Advertising platform does seem a little puzzling to the uninitiated. So why not speak to a Bing Ads specialists at Blu Mint Digital who can better advise you on reaching new customers on their cheaper to run network.

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