Remarketing Ads Services

Remarketing is a fantastic and successful way to show your ads to people who have visited your site but for some reason, didn’t convert.

What Is Remarketing?

When someone visits your landing page, either from an ad or blog article – a tracking cookie is placed on their browser to make sure they can be identified as a visitor to your website.

Then, as they surf other sites that enable advertisers to show their ads on, your display ad is carefully and repeatedly shown. The aim is that your brand remains top-of-mind with interested site visitors and attempts to bring them back into the buying funnel and hopefully make a purchase.

How Do I Incorporate Remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique that can be incorporated as part of a display advertising solution. You can target those who have recently visited your site, or even target just visitors of a certain demographic who have visited your website – for example, based on age, gender or location. Remarketing can also be set up so that it only targets new users and not those who have declined to purchase already.

Google Ads Remarketing

Google Ads offers the ability to remarket or retarget visitors from your website as an audience. You can expand on this and get more specific depending on your business’s needs. Whether you want to target all visitors, those who converted, or create a “look-a-like” audience based on your pixel, Google Remarketing allows all the flexibility you need.

Traditionally Google Ads is best used for remarketing on their Display Network which shows on their proprietary websites, along with any website that has Google Adsense (which is a majority of websites on the internet today).

The best ad types include dynamic display ads, video ads, or html5 display ads. Blu Mint can help strategize, implement and execute your full Google Ads Remarketing strategy.

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Facebook Ads Remarketing

Facebook remarketing works similar to Google in that you can customize your audiences and show different ad and creative types across the Facebook Ad network.

The goal with Facebook remarketing is to show ads to users when they are ready to buy, show special offers or updates and reach people cheaply and effectively after they have interacted with your brand.

Blu Mint Facebook Ads experts can help consult and set up your Facebook Remarketing strategy to complement your overall digital marketing plan.

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Our minimum budgets normally start at $1,000 per month for PPC services

We use one or a combination of Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more.

PPC stand for Pay-per-click. Meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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