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Pinterest Advertising is not available to all; however, those who use them find their brands can sell more.

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pinterest advertising

Pinterest advertising is a way for getting your brand’s products and content in front of more people as they browse, search and discover on the social media platform Pinterest.

Pinterest is a discovery platform; in other words, all the searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning Pinners are exposed to new ideas and products. Seventy-three per cent of Pinners quoted says content from brands makes Pinterest more interesting.

pinterest advertising

Pinterest advertising offers marketers the opportunity to earn awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users very early on in their consumer journeys. Moreover, connecting with these users early works: 98 per cent of Pinners say they have tried new ideas and things they found on Pinterest, versus 71 per cent on did the same on other social media platforms.

Beyond driving brand and product awareness, brands using Pinterest advertising can target niche users to see better results. More than 50 per cent of Pinterest’s users has purchased after seeing business content on the site.

Pinterest Advertising

Considering this, it is time for digital marketers and brands to adopt using Pinterest ads as part of their branding strategy.

There is one caveat to using Pinterest ads., they are only available for those business accounts which are located in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



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