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Paid Social Advertising & Ads are an affordable way to reach more niche customers.

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In today’s business landscape, you need to pay to play. No more so than on social media. The days of utilising your organic reach are effectively over – posting organically and expecting all your followers to see your posts and content. Now social media platforms expect you to invest in paid social media advertising.

Honestly, that mindset of posting organically has disappeared for a few years now. It’s all about how you target your demographic, build customer journeys and get virisots to your website to make a purchase or sign up. Paid social media ads help do precisely that.

Paid Social Media Advertising

However, the real obstacle in understanding paid social media advertising is about how to get started, how each network operates, and how much you will need to spend. That’s why brands turn to our social media specialists to guide and execute their paid social media ads.

If you’re just getting started, it’s essential to understand the basics of paid social media advertising. Every organisation operates differently, so having a strategy tailored to your company is critical. The problem is knowing where to start.






When it comes to paid social ads, Facebook is unquestionably king. Building audiences, targeting specific user demographics, retargeting of individual groups and measuring success is key to any brand.

Instagram too, uses the Facebook Ad Manager– it’s an excellent second step into paid social media ads, especially if brands have highly visual content to publish. However, there are plenty of refinements for Instagram advertising, so speak to us first before you run your first Instagram ads.

Several brands still see extensive success with Twitter advertising. However, brands should be wary of throwing their ad dollars at a campaign and hoping it works is not a smart strategy and will result in a wasted ad budget.

Paid Social Media Ads

Pinterest advertising clicks so well with Pinners; it’s inspiring. Pinterest is a discovery platform; in other words, more like a search engine. Almost all searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning Pinners are open to discovering new ideas and products. Seventy-three per cent of Pinners state content from brands makes Pinterest more beneficial.

If you’re heading to advertise on Snapchat, know your demographic. However, do you know the basics of creating and scheduling Snapchat ads? How much do they cost? How do you measure them? A Snapchat advertising strategy can be daunting to get started.

Last but certainly not least is LinkedIn ads. Advertising on the world’s largest professional network has its tricks and can be costly on a click-by-click basis but unquestionably has its benefits as well, particularly for B2B brands. Learn everything you need to know about Linked ads here.

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