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Social media marketing has many platforms that you can use and it can be confusing over which ones to use for your business. With it’s ability to reach audiences social media marketing is rapidly positioning itself at the core of many brands marketing strategies. Despite the plethora of social platforms that seem to appear every few months, there are four or five main platforms that offer businesses a unique set of opportunities: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google MyBusiness.

Facebook is now becoming more of a content network rather than a social network. It is as common to have a Facebook profile as much as an email address and phone number these days, and with users providing their geographic location, age, gender and listing their interests – making this an invaluable source of information to tailor campaigns towards. Facebook can be used to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness and consumer trust. Read our tips on organic Facebook growth here.

Social Media Marketing

Using Twitter’s will subject you to a  character limit, although this should be seen as a strength rather than weakness, as it’s enables followers in today’s mass-information world to consume succinct marketing messages. Using hashtags correctly, your messages can be discovered by people not even following your account. Furthermore Twitter is fully searchable, you can discover what people are saying about your brand and contact them (publicly) and boost or defend your brand (if the comment is negative).

Instagram’s growth continues to show no sign of slowing down. The picture based app now has videos, messaging and live TV, placing it at odds with Snapchat and a prime opportunity to reach influencers and B2C consumers with Instagram Ads. Read how to create an Instagram strategy here.







LinkedIn is the business networking platform and ideal to share your brand’s knowledge and expertise to people who are searching for business opportunities. Although primarily B2B, people trust recommendations and feedback on LinkedIn than what you write on your own website. LinkedIn groups also provide fantastic opportunity to discuss the problems and solutions that people and competitors talk about. Read our guide on using LinkedIn for Business here. Pinterest is one of the most used social networks globally, if you offer visual products and services your business must be on this platform. Why? Well Pinterest is keyword searchable, any images or infographics that you create will appear in people’s search results. “Pinners” can “repin” your image or board to their own accounts. If others search their accounts, your visual content will be prevalent, increasingly driving traffic to your website. Read how to get started with a Pinterest strategy here. Google My Business and its predecessor Google+ has certainly has not reached the heights of interaction that Facebook or Twitter has, yet, it should not be ignored. Google My Business is still invaluable for local SEO.

Social media marketing is very time consuming, especially if you want to do it well. Yes you can automate posting to these networks with the various scheduling tools available, but to maximise your brand awareness and customer retention efforts it needs to be managed daily. Plus only posting your content will just irritate users, social media is also about reposting informative and entertaining content (even from competitors) to your users.

Increasingly companies are posting images and photographs of their teams at work, representing a “human” element to their business that is paramount to consumer buying decisions. Furthermore to really reach consumers, social media advertising is an excellent way to reach consumers beyond those who do not follow your brand.

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