Corporate Blogging boosts your brand’s authority

Corporate Blogging not only helps your company’s brand to rank higher online, it nudges your leads down the sales process.

What Is Corporate Blogging?

Corporate blogging is the method of generating content that discusses industry updates, best practices, expert tips and at times company news from a brand’s perspective, although company news tends to fall under the category of Brand Journalism.

There are different types of blogs.

Businesses of all sizes use the role of a blog as a segment of content marketing. The blog articles themselves are usually written by company executives or staff or by professional SEO and content writers with industry experts on behalf of the business.

Why Should You Use Corporate Blogging?

According to research from Hubspot, companies who blog are more likely to get 13 times their positive ROI than those brands that don’t blog.

Like other methods of content marketing, corporate blogging can benefit businesses by boosting their web presence in terms of:

Corporate Blogging
Thought Leadership
Brand Awareness
Lead Generation

Creating Valuable Content

Corporate blogging significantly contributes to your organic search engine optimisation efforts and provides content to be shared as part of your social media marketing strategy, as both efforts require useful, relevant and regular content — the more ideas, inspiration and material that your bloggers create, the better.

Creating valuable content for a corporate blog is time-consuming and draw team members away from their primary tasks. Hiring outsourced writers is a way to obtain highly-written corporate blogs as part of a structured content marketing plan.

Corporate Blogging Industries

Ultimately, blogging for business must form part of an overall integrated content and conversion marketing strategy. SEO and thought leadership are strong motivations; however, corporate blogging that undergoes conversion optimisation can boost a company’s lead generation efforts.

Blu Mint Digital is currently writing for business blogs in these industries:

Retail & eCommerce
Industrial & Manufacturing
Health & Fitness
Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle


Yes, a content marketing strategy can be an integral part of any SEO campaign. This includes researching, writing and creating content, normally in article form, then conducting outreach to make sure as many people can read and publications can “backlink” to that piece of content. The result is higher rankings, more traffic and increased leads.

Content marketing can help all businesses, large and small. The point of creating content and marketing it is to increase your business presence and brand online while driving potentially relevant traffic to your website.

It is crucial to track and improve on your online marketing no matter the channel. As content marketing has multiple goals you should focus on which are most important to you. If your goal is increased traffic you can track website visits, if it is leads you can track long-term lead generation. There are many options on how to accomplish this, but the important thing is that your team is aligned.

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